20 January, 2010
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On|8 Sukhumvit

As usual, we did our research on hotels two months prior to our trip to Bangkok. We came across On8 Sukhumvit, read the reviews and decided to give it a shot.

Entrance from Sukhumvit Soi 8 leads you to the main reception (on the left behind the opened cupboard door. The door at the other end of the hotel leads you onto Sukhumvit Soi 9. You will be right in front of the staircase to Nana BTS.

From the reception, walk pass a short lounge area to the cafe. There are laptops available here and in the cafe for use, and a few books you could take to read during your stay.

I don't have any photographs of the room on my camera, but what you see on their website is what you get.

Pros: New hotel, contemporary design, comfortable beds, good breakfast...well, good enough (cereal, eggs, toast, coffee & tea, juice, bacon, ham, sausages, yoghurt and fresh tropical fruits), the taxis know where the Nana BTS is

Cons: During our stay, the local council decided to dig up a whole stretch of the walkway on Sukhumvit Soi 9 for upgrading works. Messy!
16 January, 2010
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Foot massage in Suan Lum

250baht for an hour. We're coming back for more!

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Waiting to board AK734

We're almost there.

14 January, 2010
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Bangkok BTS Map

The BTS has been extended across the river

04 October, 2008
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Review of the Baan Sukhumvit Inn

Here's our review of the Baan Sukhumvit Inn on Trip Advisor.

My girlfriend and I stayed at the Baan Sukhumvit Inn for a week, between 27th July to 2nd August. It was our first trip to Bangkok, and we're glad we made the right choice.

We had a fantastic experience, and most of the things mentioned on by others on this forum were true.

Kevin and co were absolutely splendid in making sure we enjoyed our stay. We wouldn't hesitate recommending this place, and hope to be back again.

The Good:
# Quiet end of Soi 20: It has two access lanes, one of which is lined up with some nice restaurants, including a South Indian restaurant. Sukhumvit Road is busy day and night, and can get fairly dusty / smog-filled at times.
# 2 minutes to the Asoke BTS station: walking distance, and perfect location as it's also close to the Sukhumvit MRT interchange.
# Everything you need is really close by. There are two 7-Elevens along Sukhumvit road, you could literally run downstairs and back to your room without breaking a sweat.
# Cozy room(s): ours was a standard room (1540 Baht), double bed, with an attached bathroom. 12 rooms in total. First impressions upon arrival were great, and we were never disappointed.
# Free WiFi: in your room! This was blissful. We had our own laptop, and were able to lookup places of interest at any point of time. Great tool to have on the go.
# Fresh towels everyday: prompt room service, and replenishment of all necessities. Thick quality towels on top of that.
# Excellent bed: not the cheap kind, we found this to be great for uninterrupted sleep. Perfect after a long day touring the city.
# Complimentary water: in Bangkok, never forget to drink your water. It's humid! The hotel provides two free bottles of water (500ml) per day. The mini bar is very affordable, and is only about 20% more than the 7-Eleven.
# Extra pillows: Loved the pillows, we even got an extra pillow upon request at no charge.
# Aircon & water heater which just works the way it should
# DVD player: not the best selection of DVDs, but you can plenty for cheap out in Bangkok itself

The Bad (Tiny Bad Things):
# Not much of a view: don't expect to see the Bangkok skyline. You're at the end of the lane, and will only be able to see some skyscrapers. Nothing fantastic.
# Poor acoustics in the hallway: you can hear noises from the hallway (3 rooms per floor) - e.g. doors shutting. You can turn up the volume of your TV to ignore it all.
# Boring breakfast meals: after a week, the American breakfast meal grew stale on us. Perhaps it may not be the case for shorter stays. Plenty of alternatives near by.

Other Things to Note:
# Don't pay more than 400 Baht for the public taxi from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the hotel. Ask Kevin for instructions on how to get a taxi from the airport.
# For our return to the airport, Kevin's team gladly booked a taxi for us at 360 Baht.
# Don't have an itinerary? Ask Kevin for advice. He's got loads to share about the city. Friendly staff members can teach you lots about the language too.
# Getting to the hotel for the first time may be a little difficult via taxi. Our taxi driver couldn't locate the hotel. But just keep an eye out for Soi 20, and get off the moment the taxi turns in to the road. It's easier to just walk into the quiet lane towards the hotel.

This TripAdvisor Member:
o Liked — Quiet location, free wireless Internet, helpful staff, excellent room
o Disliked — Occasional noise in hallway
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Baan Sukhumvit

This is long overdue, we apologise, we were busy.

We stayed at this boutique inn for a week - with no regrets!
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10 August, 2008
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Things we did not do and why

  1. The floating markets - because it is not easily accessible via any train service
  2. Wat Arun - we took a photo from the river taxi? Sufficient?
  3. The Dusit Zoo - because it was between shopping and the animals *smile*
  4. The odd side of Sukhumvit - cause Nancy Chandler recommended too many things and we decided not to single out ANY!
  5. Pat Pong & Soi Cowboy - P's reasoning : I didn't know what to do with Mel.
  6. Cabaret - because it was cheaper to get a DVD from the front desk. What? we watched Trans-America.
  7. Dinner on the Chao Phraya - we were a bit reluctant taking that we saw the condition of the river in the day
  8. Klong River taxi - because it was a lot like a longkang so we decided to pass
  9. See the animals in JJ - we couldn't find them
  10. Banglampoo Market and Santichaiprakarn Park- P's reasoning : because Mel said that it was going to rain and we'd have to back via the river taxi etc....*grumble*
  11. Ride in a tuk-tuk - cause the taxi cost 34Bht, the tuk-tuk wanted to charge us 100Bht - hmm...you tell me?
  12. Ancienct city, croc farm - P's reasoning : for all that, we've got Malacca!